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Guiding varied business landscapes

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About Cedar Mountain

Cedar Mountain is a dynamic consulting firm specializing in real estate development, construction procurement, and global ventures. We are a new and innovative company dedicated to providing efficient strategies and collaborative solutions for our clients. Cedar Mountain brings a fresh approach to navigating complex challenges and delivering tailored outcomes. With a focus on building and developing projects globally, we leverage our extensive network and expertise in construction, pre-construction, and international procurement to create successful ventures in the United States, Europe, Asia, and beyond. At Cedar Mountain, we are driven by a passion for helping clients thrive in diverse business landscapes.


Real Estate Consulting: Cedar Mountain offers comprehensive services in real estate development, from opportunity identification to project delivery, maximizing the value of properties.


Construction Consulting: Our construction management services ensure efficient project execution, cost control, and quality craftsmanship, collaborating with architects, contractors, and suppliers.


Pre-Construction Services: Cedar Mountain provides pre-construction services including estimating, value engineering, scheduling, and subcontractor coordination to streamline project planning and minimize risks.


Global Supply Chain: Leveraging our global network, we assist clients in identifying cost-effective manufacturing solutions, sourcing reliable suppliers, and managing production logistics worldwide.


Logistics Consulting: Our logistics consulting expertise optimizes supply chain operations, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing overall performance through tailored solutions.


Company Set-Up Strategies: Cedar Mountain guides clients through company establishment, offering insights on legal requirements, market entry strategies, and successful business presence across different regions.

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