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Pre Construction Services

Cedar Mountain offers comprehensive pre-construction consulting services, encompassing various critical aspects of project preparation. With years of experience handling billions of dollars' worth of developments worldwide, we have gained extensive expertise in guiding clients through the complexities of pre-construction processes.

Image by Meritt Thomas

Our services include utilities coordination, ensuring smooth integration of essential services into your project. We conduct thorough test fits, analyzing space requirements and optimizing layouts to maximize efficiency and functionality. Additionally, our expertise in environmental geotechnical assessments ensures that potential risks are identified and mitigated early on, safeguarding your project's success.

As part of our pre-construction consulting, we excel in navigating general city negotiations, liaising with local authorities to secure permits and approvals. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, streamlining the process and minimizing delays.

Cedar Mountain offers real estate due diligence support, conducting comprehensive assessments to evaluate the feasibility and potential risks associated with a property. Our rigorous due diligence process provides you with the necessary insights to make informed decisions, ensuring that your investment aligns with your objectives.

When it comes to pre-construction consulting, Cedar Mountain's track record of handling significant developments across the globe speaks for itself. Trust us to provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of utilities coordination, test fits, environmental geotechnical assessments, general city negotiations, and real estate due diligence.

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